Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The Root Canal in Silence

I had a root canal today for an infected tooth. I take my CI off so that the dentist equipment doesn't scramble my settings and sit through most of the appointment deaf. Today my dentist saw me making a few signs with my youngest son and to my delight he (dentist) started using the signs with me!

He mostly used the sign for good, which is the sign you want to see when your mouth is being drilled and your tooth nerves are being removed!! It's such a simple gesture but it actually means a lot to me that he made the effort to learn a few signs, and he made up a few of his own while he was there, that was funny.

The other bonus of course is that I couldn't hear the drill and various other unpleasant dentist equipment noises. In fact I think I feel less pain when I can't actually hear the sound of the drilling! All in all, a rather pleasant root canal .................