Saturday, 29 November 2014

A New Career?

This week was a very exciting one. I landed a small part in a new movie being shot in Sydney starring the Australian cricket legend and all round nice guy, Brett Lee. I played the receptionist working at Cochlear - my implants on show in all their glory.

How on earth did this come about you ask? Well,a few scenes were shot on location at the Cochlear headquarters in Sydney. I've been a fan of Brett Lee's for years so when Cochlear asked if there were any cochlear people that wanted to be in the movie I couldn't put my hand up quick enough!!!

So 24 hours later I found myself in hair and make-up, on set, in Sydney and talking to a real life movie director (he was lovely by the way, Anupam Sharma).


The movie, titled unIndian comes out around March 2015 and if my scenes aren't cut I'll be the most excited person alive.

Jane (in costume) and the gorgeous Brett Lee on set.

Link to an article on the movie:

In makeup with the beautiful (and talented) hair and makeup artist.