Thursday, 25 February 2016

Happy Cochlear Implant Day!!!

Yes, 'they' have a day for that. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do on this day - celebrate having a cochlear implant? How about we settle for takeaway and some quiet reflection on what it means to me to have cochlear implants? 

My life would be so very, very different.

My children prefer not to talk to me if I don't have my "ear" on (not always a bad thing giggle giggle) but what if I didn't have my "ear"? Would they never talk to me? And even if they did talk to me I wouldn't know what their voices sounded like, I would really miss that. What about pragmatics? They might say yes but their voice might be tinged with sadness - something I would never pick up as a deaf person (communicating with hearing children). Isn't my job as a mother to pick up on these things?

My work would be different too - I can't imagine working as a teacher of hearing children without my implants. Maybe I would have to train as a Teacher of the Deaf? Then I would have to be fluent in sign language (I'm ok at it - but not fluent). My job as a tertiary lecturer would have to change as well - so many elements of my day-to-day job require speech and hearing. 

Going to the shops, attending a lecture, seeing a play, going to a movie ....... all things I enjoy on a regular basis with my implants. Would I have to give all that up without them?

Would my relationship with my husband be different? I have no doubt that it would be.

My personal safety? I would have to install a range of specialised equipment at home like flashing door bells and fire alarms. Things that I can easily get by without with my implants.

Sometimes I fantasise about going 'cochlear free' for a day but I just can't do it. So I guess every day is Happy Cochlear Implant Day for me!!