Sunday, 12 February 2012

What about Steve?

Steve is my long suffering husband. I say long suffering because when he married me and he said the words "for better or worse" I think he was thinking that it would mostly be "better". Anyway, the kids are back at school and sport and with that comes the parent nights, the teacher-parent interviews, school dental appointments, sport registration days, training after school, weekend games and an endless trail of forms that need to be filled out.

While normally I would attend the parent night and attend the interviews and appointments, turn up for sport, and put myself as an emergency contact on all the forms, all that has now changed.

I struggle to hear in any environment that isn't quiet so now, after twelve years, Steve has to step up and fill my "mother" shoes. He already does all the cooking, shopping and cleaning around the house but now he has to take on some of my hearing related tasks as well. He makes all my phone calls for me already but he is now the emergency contact for the kids (well they can hardly ring me can they, I just stand there staring at the phone!). This week alone he has a few nights out with school stuff and two dentist appointments (kids) but he's still taking me out for Valentines Day.
He has a packed schedule but he goes about his jobs as if everything is normal and nothing has changed. Bless him! xx