Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Coming back to me!

I'm back in the classroom this week and having a great time. Ironically, I have a few deaf students in my class and one of them requires me to wear an FM. On the first class I set up my FM so I could hear the students and then my student set up her FM so she could hear me (she wears hearing aids) and off we went. Within a few minutes I realised that the bluetooth in my cochlear was picking up her FM waves and was projecting my voice to both her and me. This meant that I was getting both the amplified sound from my FM and hers. This made it impossible for me to concentrate on my teaching so my FM had to go, damn!
As it turns out, not having my FM was OK. I just had run around the classroom and stand in front of the student who was asking a question or making a comment.
I also have a student with visual impairment so I need to keep the classroom dark for her when I'm using the projector to display slides. This means that the deaf students and myself have trouble lip-reading ....................................... it's going to be a fun semester!