Monday, 22 October 2012

It's lost!!!

I had a bit of a drama the other day. I was watching my son play soccer and my battery gave me a warning that I was about to go flat. I took out a spare battery from my purse, changed it over and as I went to put the coil back on my head I realised the magnet was missing. The magnet, the bit that keeps the coil attached to my head had fallen out!! This is a small disaster as without the magnet there is no way to keep the coil on my head and if I don't keep the coil on my head I can't hear. So what followed was a bit of a panic with all the people sitting around me court-side searching for a tiny black magnet half the size of a 5c coin!!! I must admit I did start to panic a bit. Going back to being deaf is no longer an option for me. Luckily, one smart mum realised that a magnet was most likely attached to something metal and found it attached to the handles of my bag, phew!