Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Watching TV

While on holidays I like to watch a few movies. I don't watch TV but I will watch a movie every now and then, plugged in with my audio cord. This means I watch movies on my own which annoys the kids as they like to watch them with me. Last night I suggested that my eight year old and I watch The Lorax together. He had already seen it but I hadn't so we set it up, turned on the subtitles and got comfy. Eight year old then proceeded to interpret the whole movie for me including the noises. It was really funny. "Mum, he made a sad noise like this, sigh", "Mum, music is playing, that's why they are dancing", Mum, he is making a snoring sound"........... and on and on it went. I actually thought eight year old was rather considerate not wanting me to miss out on the subtle bits and pieces of a movie that help make meaning. Of course I couldn't hear the main dialogue over his interpretations!