Monday, 29 April 2013

Notes to a doctor

I went to see my local doctor this morning for a referral to see my implant surgeon. When I told him I already had one cochlear implant and wanted another he smiled, leaned back in his chair and asked if he could question me a bit first. I thought he wanted to ask medical related questions about the second surgery but he actually asked loads of questions about how the CI works, what it sounds like, where were the microphones, how does the magnet work etc etc.  I even found myself drawing him a little picture showing how the whole implant fits together and connects to the brain. He then wanted to see how it attached to my head and feel the bump where the magnet is. He was in awe of the technology and the fact that he would never have guessed I was deaf and hearing through a single CI if I hadn't have told him. He was so interested in the whole CI thing. It isn't often in life when you get the chance to teach a doctor something!!!