Sunday, 2 August 2015

Still here!

Okay, so I'm actually still alive just really neglecting my blogging. I'm sorry. 

Quick update:

The ears are good. I don't wear the second CI because it doesn't give me clear enough speech. Having said that I still intend on trying to get it working one day.

The movie unIndian in which I star (briefly ........ if they didn't cut my one scene .... 'star' might be pushing it) comes out October 15th 2015 - mark it in your calendar.

The cochlear support group that I run is going well and has lots of new members. Clearly there is a need for CI people to connect. We are half way between the Deaf community and the hearing community - sometimes identifying with others of the same deafness/hearingness is important.

Work is crazy - both jobs (lecturing and teaching), but I love what I do so I'll keep doing it deaf or not.

Still playing netball, still can't hear a thing, and still don't know what's going on but that has never stopped me before! I'm back at yoga again too - can't hear that either but it's slow enough to follow others.

My research on children with cochlear implants is going well and I hope to finish by October this year. I'll publish the results on this blog.........

............... and I promise to post more often!!!!!