Saturday, 2 May 2015

I love it when things like this happen. As part of my job as a lecturer I visit students while they are on practicum. This involves the student working in a school or childcare centre for a set period of time where they are assessed for their skills.

So the other day I went to see one of my students in a childcare centre and while I was there one of the ladies who works there was chatting to my student and I saw she was wearing hearing aids. I asked her if she was deaf and she said yes then looked at me more closely and burst out "I know you, I was reading all about you online last night!"

Turns out she had been thhinking about getting cochlear implants and in her online research had found my story on the Ear Science Institute website. Naturally we chatted for ages about being deaf in a hearing family and how the cochlear works.

I'm wondering if that's how a celebrity feels? Being recognised in public all the time, once counts as all the time doesn't it?