Friday, 23 March 2012

So much happening in the land of the deaf!

It's been a while since I have posted, sorry. Deaf or not, life is full steam ahead, working full time and the kids/husband/house/dog. However something happened today that I just had to share.
My work have bought me an FM system. My audi calls it a glorified microphone. It comes in two pieces; the mircophone (looks like a remote control), and a small attachment for my cochlear. It is wireless and has bluetooth. I put the microphone on a table or in front of the person/people I'm wanting to hear and it sends their voice/s directly to my cochlear.
I tried it for the first time today in an all day meeting. The first time I turned it on I nearly fell off my chair! It was amazing! The sound is as if the person/people are standing right in front of me and it is crystal clear. For the first time in six months I heard nearly 100% of the meeting, despite the fact that we were in a big room sitting around a huge boardroom table.
At one stage during the meeting I excused myself and went to the bathroom two rooms away. This is the creepy bit, I could still hear the meeting going on two rooms away!! I had a brief thought that they might be able to hear me going to the toilet even though I know it only works one way. I then realised that I could leave it in an interview or something and listen to what they said about me once I had left the room. Food for thought, but for now, I'm going to take it everywhere I go, meetings, appointments, teaching, lunch break, conferences ....................... the world is my oyster once again. Yay!