Sunday, 11 March 2012

What you need to know about deaf people ......

Actually, if you have been reading my posts you will already know but I'll list them anyway (this is my personal list and doesn't apply to all deaf people):

1. We need to see your face to "hear" you. We need visual cues even if we aren't lip reading.

2. We are really tired. Commuicating for deaf people takes double the effort than it does for a hearing person.

3. We have empathy for others with disabilities, who suffer pain and face difficulties but not so much for those who complain about minor upsets.

4. We can get a bit touchy. Deaf people need to connect with others just like everyone does so we use our others senses a bit more. Touch and sight are very important to us.

5. Deafness does not effect our cognitive processing. Our brains are fine thank you. Do not lower your expectations of us but don't expect the impossible.

6. We are offended by your frustration with us. Most deaf people don't choose to not hear what you say correctly. We know it's frustrating to have to repeat yourself but you need to learn to do this without showing it. The most offensive thing you can do is say "don't worry" and dismiss us when we don't hear you the first time.  x