Thursday, 12 April 2012

Six Months!

I have reached exactly six months since my cochlear implant was switched on. As a result, I had a six month mapping with my audi today. I have made huge 'hearing' improvements and can now hear quiet sounds as well as I can hear loud sounds. It's amazing to think that hearing with a cochlear changes over time.
I requested that my audi turn up the volume a bit more on the implant and this has been great. I hear myself a bit louder now so I speak a little more quietly  and everyone else is that little bit louder. While I still use the FM, I only need it for meetings of more than a few people whereas before I needed to use it for all meetings, even one-on-one.
The six months has also given the family a chance to fall into a deaf routine. We seem to have overcome most of our difficulties and the kids and husband have adjusted their expectations of me. We don't use sign as much but we have our common signs; please, thank you, shower, you're welcome, toilet, that we use all the time.
Other than the daily personal struggles that I face, everything is almost back to normal. x