Friday, 27 April 2012

Surviving Bali

Well, I have returned from a week in Bali, already planning our next trip there I love it so much. We had lots of adventures but let me take you through the airport scene first. There was no scene, no drama, no body searches, no explaining the magnet in my skull, nothing! I turned off my CI, put it in my bag, walked through the security check, picked up my bag and put my CI back on. Steve got checked at both ends while I stood there, a bit miffed from the lack of security attention.

Once in Bali, I just had to remove the CI when swimming. Easy enough, I just didn't get my hair wet (wore it up under a hat, very acceptable in Bali) and put it back on after I got out of the pool.

We did spend one day at a water park so I just left the CI at the hotel and went deaf for the day. This was fine and it was good not to have to worry about it. When Steve and Ayden had an accident half way down a water slide and had to be taken off to have medical treatment it was a bit tricky as I didn't know what had happened or what was going on so I just went with it. Turned out OK in the end.

We also went mountain biking down a volcano and through the villages which was was awesome. The guide used hand signals to indicate to us to slow down, turn, stop etc so that was fine too. I wore a hat under my helmet to keep the magnet in place so no problems with it slipping off. The whole bike ride (2 1/2 hours) was a visual treat so I really enjoyed it.

All in all, I was with the family the whole time so they were my ears for the week. I told Ayden he had to be my ears and he said "I can't". I asked why not and he said "because I'm the wrong shape". That didn't stop him from explaining to everyone " my mum was deaf but then she had a cochlear implant and now she can hear again but not very well, OK". Bless him. x

Family Photo in Bali 2012