Thursday, 27 December 2012

Summer Daze

Finally my home city of Perth has welcomed summer just in time for the holidays. We live close to the beach so summer holidays involve splashing around in the ocean most mornings. Swimming isn't an easy activity for cochlear wearers. They aren't waterproof and once your hair is wet you can't put the processor back on. However, and that's a big however, Cochlear (the company that makes the implant) have just released the Aqua Ear and I got my hands on one. The Aqua Ear is a moulded plastic bag that protects the processor from water damage. It works the same way as waterproof covers do for cameras. I've tried it in the spa (with a swimming cap to keep it in place) and it was a great success but I kept thinking that I'd forgotten to take something off, that I shouldn't be wearing my CI. Hearing and water just don't go together in my world.
I've yet to try it down the beach as water is not CI friendly and even a drop can damage my processor. The processor alone is worth $8000 so I am VERY nervous to actually put my head under the water to "test" the Aqua Ear. I have ventured into the water though and for a change not been afraid of splashing kids and wayward waves.
It seems that in a time of modern technology and innovations, this was the best era to go deaf!