Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Family Fun?

Some families play charades because it's a fun game the whole family can enjoy. My family play charades because we have no other choice.

 In earlier posts I've mentioned the unnatural need of all my family members to want to speak to me while I'm in the shower or bath. I have young children, I haven't washed in peace for over ten years.

Anyway, I was having a lovely relaxing bath this evening and in jumps the youngest to wash himself. I spent the next twenty minutes trying to guess what he was trying to tell me while he spelled out words in the air, made gestures, hand signals and tried mouthing the words very slowly. I thought he was saying 'a mouse ate my pants in the spa' but it ended up being 'when is the Stars wars movie out?' Hmmmm.

Then the other kid comes in. He put some more thought into his routine and handed me a towel, pointed to my hands and made a rubbing gesture with his (dry your hands) and then stuck his hair in my face (feel my hair, I need more conditioner).

Then the husband walks in, chatting away. At that point I got out of the bath. Most exhausting bath I've ever had!